*Note: Activities must be approved by this year’s council so these are subject to change

Welcome Coffee/Tea
A social event on the first regular day of all school grades (including EEP and K) for parents/ caregivers to meet one another and learn more about School Council. Includes coffee and snacks.

Staff Christmas Luncheon
To show the staff how much we appreciate them we provide a luncheon on the last day of school before Christmas break.

Spring Fun Afternoon
Let the creativity begin. Variety of crafts available for students to do after school.

Sports Day Snacks
While the students participate in Sports Day we offer a selection of healthy choice snacks (watermelon and frozen juice ice bars) and water. Please have your child bring a reusable water bottle for the day so that they can refill it as needed at out water station. Weather permitting it is an outside event.


PAT Snacks
School Council supplies snacks for students in grade 6 before their student achievement test to help them do their best.

Apples for Apple School
Apples are available in the office for all children. Encourages healthy choices in support of our apple school program.

Teacher $100/ Wish List/ Library $500
To show our teachers how much we appreciate them we provide a reimbursement up to $100 for teaching supplies or things for the kids. Any remaining funds are applied to a wish list created by the teachers. Our library is also a valuable resource at the school. We provide a reimbursement up to $500 for books, book fair supplies, and things for students.

Alien In-Line Skating

Includes a Family Skate Night and in-class instructions taught by qualified instructors. All in-Line skates and equipment provided. Students will learn many basic and advanced skating skills are taught and may include standing on skates, simple forward motion, turns, safe skating strategies, road/pathway etiquette and non-aerial jumping.


This program focuses on developing PHYSICAL LITERACY and fundamental movement skills. Foster positive social interactions and mental health through the 3 Rules of PLAY: Be Positive. Be Fun. Be Yourself. Students are motivated to move in their "Bubble of Awesome" as they leap, jump, skip, play and dance their way to healthy and happy living!

Science in Motion

Science in Motion provides a variety of exciting science programs, activities, experiments and demonstrations to the students - making science fun, dynamic and easy to understand.

Council Year End Appreciation
To show our Council and Principal how much we appreciate them we provide a dinner or food of choice at a date determined by them.