The breakfast program is funding by the School, however, School Council organizes student volunteers to help with making and  packaging items then putting them out in the mornings. A variety of healthy food from the 4 food groups is made available: fruit, muffins, cereal, cheese strings, yogurt popsicles, and granola bars.

WHO can join:

Grade 1 to 6 students

                October - Grades 1 & 4
                November - Grades 2 & 5

                December - Grades 3 & 6


WHAT will they do:

-bag cereal

-prepare fruit cups

-bake muffins

-make yogurt pops

-do dishes/clean up

-refill breakfast cart

-oversee and put away cart


WHEN will they meet:

Every school day morning in the school kitchen from 7:50 – 8:10am for their selected month

WHY join:

To help make sure every student has had breakfast and gain culinary and leadership skills.


HOW to join:

Sign up at hereSpace is limited so sign up must be done Online. Please sign up for your designated month to allow all students to have a chance to participate during the school year.