Just in time for the Christmas holiday St. Gabriel School Council is teaming up with Dieleman for a fundraiser. The Holiday Shop catalogue includes housewares, home décor, wrapping paper, cards, and more. The catalogue is only a preview of what there is and more product choices are available online www.shopdfscanada.com.


All profits raised will go towards childcare during School Council meetings and parent/teacher appreciation. Our goal is to sell $5000 worth of product to raise $2150. St. Gabriel School Parent Council will receive 43% of sales!



1.    FORM
Fill out the form and submit it with your payment to the office. Please send exact change or cheque payable to St. Gabriel School. If paying with cash, please enclose in an envelope and staple to the form. Extra forms and catalogues are available in the school office.

2.    ONLINE

Go to www.shopdfscanada.com. All students have been already registered, refer to the SELLER ID on the letter sent home. Click the SHOP button to shop. The SELLER ID can be given to friends and family to use when they shop on your behalf!


There is an option to ship to the school or a home address. Shipping to school is free! Anticipated delivery date to the school is the week of December 2nd. If you choose the "ship to home" option, your order will be delivered directly to you in approximately 3-4 weeks. Orders are subject to a $21.95 handling and freight charge when choosing "ship to home".