The mission of St. Gabriel School Council is expressed in the word “SUCCESS”:


to provide opportunities for everyone in our school family to plan and to participate in activities which serve themselves, their families, their peers, their school, the community, and God


to recognize and provide for the uniqueness of each individual through programs and activities which build and develop individual skills


to foster religious teaching and understanding of the Catholic faith; to develop an understanding of values from other religious beliefs; to participate in celebrations and faith development


To provide a safe school – emotionally, physically, socially, and intellectually; to emphasise care, respect, and responsibility as guiding principles for action; to form a mutual cooperation between parents, students, and staff in the development of appropriate behaviour


To strive for excellence in all that we do; to foster achievement while recognising that individual success depends upon student ability, motivation, and support from the home, school, and teachers


To strive for quality in all activities whether it be the meeting of objective skill development, evaluation, or any aspect of educational life


To provide the opportunity to achieve personal success which is everyone’s right and responsibility

Our mandate is to develop a nurturing environment for all children and to work cooperatively as a Catholic Christian community for the betterment of the school.


St. Gabriel School is a vibrant welcoming community where every child is actively engaged in learning and in developing the citizenship skills he or she will require to become a contributing member of society.



The objectives of the council, in keeping with the School Act and the School Councils’ Regulation, are as follows:

    • to provide advise (input) to the principal and staff on issues of importance such as the school philosophy, mission and vision, school discipline policies, programs and directions, and budget allocation to meet student needs
    • to promote involvement by all members of the school community and to ensure that decisions reflect the interests of all children in the school
    •  to facilitate collaboration among all the concerned participants of the school community so that decisions are made collaboratively and wherever possible at the school and classroom level
    • to facilitate the development of a common vision for our school and community
    • to facilitate a formal performance evaluation of our school council and to communicate the results of this evaluation to the school board and the school community
    • to keep the school board informed – in cooperation with the principal – of the needs of the school
    • to support the school in its efforts to focus teachers’ time and school resources on the essential tasks of teaching and learning
    • to be informed of and provide advice to the fund raising activities in our school
    • to facilitate communication, planning, and resource allocation regarding priorities and programs that are needed to meet the expectations of our school community